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Silver 1- Introduction

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Basic Terminology 

  • cranial- forward, towards the head
  • caudal- backward,towards the rear 
  • dorsal- towards the backbone
  • ventral- towards the belly                                            
  • lateral- towards the side
  • medial- towards the midline
  • proximal- closer to the body
  • distal- farther from the body




External Features

  • ears
  • claws
  • pads on bottom of feet
  • tail
  • whiskers


Adaptations to predatory niche

  • claws- used for hunting and climbing
  • ear shape- used for hunting 
  • whiskers- sense
  • eyes- addapt to day and night light


How to skin a cat

  1. Drain fluid from bag.
  2. Determine if your cat is a boy or girl.
  3. Place cat ventral side up.
  4. Make a superficial incision starting at the midline, at the base of the neck, continue to the genitalia area.
  5. At the base of the neck, make a "Y" shaped incision.
  6. Make a "Y" shaped incision that continues onto the legs.
  7. Peel back skin, and using your scalpel cut between muscle and fascia.
  8. Remove all the skin and hair except from the neck up, around all the paws, and tail.


How to make the incision into the body cavity

  1. With the cat ventral side up, make a superficial cut along the midline.
  2. Using your scissores cut supiorley through the ribs to the necks, and inferiorly towards the genitalia area.
  3. Reflect the sides laterally by making two lateral cuts along the midline cut you already made.
  4. you may need to use your hands to pull apart the rib cadge. 



http:// biology.clc.uc.edu                  



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